Horticultural Photography Yorkshire

Horticultural Photography Yorkshire

Horticultural photography Yorkshire

Nik Pickard & Horticultural Photography Yorkshire

I am passionate about all things Horticulture and am very lucky to live somewhere that is such a great place for Horticultural photography Yorkshire.

Having spent over 15 years as a photographer and over the last few years becoming more and more interested in Horticulture and garden design it only seemed natural to put the two things together! My working knowledge of colour, contrast and most importantly composition come into play in my horticultural photography.

To compliment my years of photography experience I am studying with the Royal Horticultural Society, currently finishing my level 2 and hopefully moving onto level 3 after that. Marrying my photography and design skills with my plant knowledge to deliver high end, artistically led horticultural imagery is my goal.

Check out my photo gallery here.


Places I love for Horticultural photography Yorkshire

There are so many great places for Horticultural photography Yorkshire.  Places like Scampstan gardens, Newby hall, harewood house, RHS Harlow Carr, Valley gardens to name but a few. I live inYork and we have some fantastic gardens here too. Places like The Museum Gardens with its edible garden, Rowentrees park and my personal favourite, Homestead Park.


Horticultural macro photography

I love all aspects of  horticultural photography from wide shots showing the wonderful design and planting of a specific garden right through to macro photography, showing the intricate design and detail of flowers and plants. Exploring the mix of natural design and mans interventions to create the perfect bloom.

Horticulture photography york


Please get in touch on 07762240375 to discuss any horticultural photography you might require.



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